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John Seigenthaler Interviews Steve Goldstein

Corporate dysfunction is everywhere! John Seigenthaler talks to Steve Goldstein about why it happens and what leaders can do to eliminate it. LEARN MORE »

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"Book titles do not get a lot more arresting than "Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami?" But there is more to this pithy treatise on everybody’s favorite subject of engagement than that.. it is a straight-talking look at why big companies typically fall short with an introduction to some smart principles..”

-- Roger Trapp, Forbes

"The new principles of engagement, as well as the dysfunctions of the old, are well illustrated in a new book, "Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami?" by Steven D. Goldstein. He speaks from a wealth of personal experience in private equity, as well as top executive positions... [Steve] defined five key engagement principles which resonate with me as just as relevant for new business founders as mature business executives."

-- Marty Zwilling, The Huffington Post

About the Author

Steve helps improve companies’ performance through renewed engagement and laser-like focus. He has over thirty-five years of experience working as an operating executive at both global Fortune 500 corporations (including as Chairman and CEO of American Express Bank), midsize companies, as well as advising private equity firms with their portfolio companies.

His special talent lies in unleashing companies’ hidden assets, transforming employee and customer engagement, accelerating the pace of decision-making and change and realizing improved performance.


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