Employee Engagement

A Man Working on Laptop Lying on Easy Chair

5 Ways Leaders Can Conquer The Summer Mindset

We all love summer, right? It’s the season of beach trips, cookouts, and family vacations. Yet if you are a ...
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A Group of People Placing Hands on Each Other

5 Steps To Create A More Engaged Team In The Office

In the film industry, when an actor’s performance is not up to par, it is often blamed on the director. ...
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A Person Working on Laptop and Tablet in Office

How To Encourage a “Work Smart” Mentality In The Office

Thanks to technological innovations, the world is faster than ever with no signs of it slowing down. Email, team communication ...
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People Sitting and Discussing with Hand Gestures

4 Ways Leaders Achieve A Balanced Work Culture

During the past decade, many leaders have begun to realize that both teamwork and competition are critical to success. How ...
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A Person in Business Suit and Table with Plates and Glasses in the Back

How A Restaurant Experience Provides Insight to Successful Conflict Resolution

Just like every other employee, each leader handles conflict differently. Some will shut themselves in their office and say “handle ...
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United States Department of Labor, Name and Logo

Honoring Labor Day

Of all the national holidays in the US, Labor Day has become the most meaningless. Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, Presidents’ ...
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A Person in Business Suit with Neck Deep in Sand

When Workers Fear Asking Questions, Nothing Gets Better

The truth is that most people are afraid to ask questions—whether from years of conditioning within a company or plain ...
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A Man in White Shirt Looking at His Smartphone

Email and Texting: The Illusion of Efficiency

On a recent flight back to New York from Chicago (two and a half hours) I turned my phone back ...
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Four Grain Storage Silos with Wide Base

4 Ways to Counteract Corporate Silos

People in different departments within companies are often in the habit of talking only among themselves instead of sharing information ...
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People Getting Bored in Meeting and Presenter Speaking

Stop the Meetings Madness!

It happened again just the other day. I was walking out of a conference room where we had been in ...
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