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Do Your Employees A Favor And Say No

August 14, 2017

When any of us await an answer where the choice is either yes or no, we obviously hope the answer to be yes. Yet, realistically and statistically, yes is only likely to happen half the time. It is easy for us to deliver good news, and we normally enjoy telling someone yes. Personally, I know…

Time for a Change and a Clock in the Back

In Case Of Emergency, Change Your Perspective

August 9, 2017

We have all learned to become comfortable and to some extent, complacent, in a given circumstance. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the workplace. Unintentionally, leaders often fall into a status quo form of managing and the sad part is that many of them are unaware that this has happened. It is comfortable to…

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Following A Legend: How Leaders Can Measure Up To Their Predecessors

July 31, 2017

A recent New York Times article explained that Apple “…does not often invent things first.” Instead, they redefine pre-existing and oftentimes, clunky solutions that people utilize. When Steve Jobs created what would eventually become an earthshaking company in 1976, he started down a long road of continuous innovation. In short, the genius of Jobs became…

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5 Ways Leaders Can Conquer The Summer Mindset

July 17, 2017

We all love summer, right? It’s the season of beach trips, cookouts, and family vacations. Yet if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you may dread this season. The dog days of summer have been a challenge for countless businesses. While sales may slightly drop, the biggest challenge leaders face is a summer mindset…

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How Ignoring Reality Can Cost You A Business

July 10, 2017

A former client recently asked me to have dinner with him to catch up and discuss a few things. Unemployed now, he told me that the company he had been CEO of was sold to another firm. While this happens every day, he went on to say that the acquiring firm had been the proverbial…

Customers at an Italian Shop

The Best (And Worst) Customer Service Experiences I Witnessed In Italy

July 3, 2017

I work with leaders to help them transform their businesses, and help them understand the criticality of engaging and recognizing their employees and customers. So it was great to see amazing employees and customer service everywhere my wife and I went on our exhilarating cycling trip in Italy, visiting the towns of Parma, Mantova, Verona,…

A Toy Car with Volkswagen Logo and Reflection in the Water

Where Volkswagen’s Leaders Went Wrong

June 26, 2017

As the scandal at Volkswagen unfolded late in 2015, I wrote an article in January 2016, titled, “Volkswagen–What Might Have Caused the Emissions Scandal?” where I hypothesized as to what might have led to this major crisis. I quoted a New York Times article in December 2015 which reported: “that a former VW employee, Mr.…

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5 Steps To Create A More Engaged Team In The Office

June 19, 2017

In the film industry, when an actor’s performance is not up to par, it is often blamed on the director. It isn’t that the actor doesn’t have responsibility for his own work, but rather the director is responsible for providing insightful direction, motivation, and resources to the full team of performers so they can all…

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What Are Your Team’s Key Factors To Success?

June 12, 2017

How does your company measure success? How do you ensure that you and your team are focusing on the critical levers that drive your business? Many companies focus on sales, expenses, headcount and other outcomes — they are the result of a large number of key business processes that drive your company. In effect, these…

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How Leaders Motivate Their Team To Speak Up!

June 2, 2017

As a corporate advisor, I see plenty of dysfunctional offices and operations. Yet what never fails to surprise me is that the same issues keep popping up all over and in many different industries, almost like an epidemic of inefficiency. Many leaders I work with often acknowledge these issues but often don’t know how to…