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Combat Communication Overload With These 6 Proven Techniques

November 30, 2017

I was recently out to lunch with Andrew, a new client in Manhattan who seemed to be overwhelmed with the incessant demands on his time. Despite the restaurant being somewhat noisy, I could hear his iPhone constantly buzzing in his pocket. While he continuously apologized, his stress level increased with each notification. Finally he pulled…

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Here’s How You Can Effectively Lead During The Holidays Without Being A Grinch

November 20, 2017

Your employees have worked hard all year and, hopefully, demonstrated an excellent work ethic. Now, the holiday season is here — carols play throughout the stores, flickering lights hang, and parties are being planned. Amongst all the festivities, leaders have a new type of responsibility to uphold. They must keep in mind their employees, as…

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How Trusting Your Employees Can Boost Your Business

November 17, 2017

No company, big or small, can survive without some rules in place. Rules and regulations not only instruct employees on how the company works, but also how they should act. These black and white guidelines are instituted to solve problems that have come up or to establish some form of order. But let me introduce…

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Why Your Employees Should Be Your Customers’ Biggest Fans

November 14, 2017

If you were asked who the most important people to your business are, you might be tempted to say your employees. However, while they are clearly essential, it’s your customers who really keep your company alive and growing. The men and women who buy goods and services from you are your lifeline and path to…

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5 Ways Bain & Company’s Strategy Makes Them Winners

November 1, 2017

Bain & Company, the global business consultancy sure knows how to treat employees right. They have been ranked as the number one place to work in the United States in 2017, 2014, and 2012–and ranked in the top four for over a decade, according to Business Insider. That’s an astonishing feat for a company who…

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6 Ways Leaders Create A Toxic Workplace

October 19, 2017

In any given field or industry, some degree of stress is inevitable. However, leaders can make a tense situation much worse for their employees — and they may not even know they are doing it. In my experience, it is these leaders who find themselves at odds with their team without a clue as to…

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Why EQ Can Make Or Break A Leadership Strategy

October 9, 2017

When making your mark on the business world, many leaders reveal their secret: a high IQ. What these moguls do not understand is that most successful professionals thrive in their respective fields due to their EQ — not IQ. EQ (or emotional intelligence) is the heightened awareness of others’ emotions, including your own. This vital…

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Why Both CEOs and Entrepreneurs Need The Power To Pivot

September 26, 2017

We all know that most start-ups fail. They fail for many reasons including the product is not quite right, the marketing is not fully effective, the delivery is spotty, and by far, the most common reason — they simply run out of money. In contrast and far fewer in number, are the successful ones who…

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What Do Millennials Want In Their Workplace?

August 29, 2017

I was recently working with the CEO of a large technology firm in Boston who, over dinner, began venting about his employees. He told me that many of them felt entitled, were lazy, and expected rapid advancement. “Let me guess,” I said after listening to his complaints for ten minutes. “You’re working with Millennials.” The…

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Are Meetings Ruining Your Team’s Productivity?

August 21, 2017

One thing everyone can agree with is their universal hate of meetings. Every organization has them and they seem to take on a life of their own. The truth is that while meetings, in theory, are supposed to help leaders and their employees keep up to date, pass along information and make decisions, the reality…