5 Ways Leaders Can Conquer The Summer Mindset – Steve D Goldstein

We all love summer, right? It’s the season of beach trips, cookouts, and family vacations. Yet if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you may dread this season.

The dog days of summer have been a challenge for countless businesses. While sales may slightly drop, the biggest challenge leaders face is a summer mindset that negatively impacts their employees psychologically.

As a former CEO and having years of advising leaders of companies, I have seen the summer mindset affect companies both big and small. Everyone slows down, alters their pace, and loses their drive. Their minds may be on their children who are off from school, or the upcoming vacation they have scheduled. How can a leader keep the momentum going through summer while everyone else is asleep at the switch?

Here are 5 suggestions for motivating your employees to stay productive and engaged during these hot months:

1. Actively promote group collaboration

Employees will motivate each other when they are members of group projects. Create teams and assign them an important project along with a firm deadline – during the summer. Their work will be able to speak for itself, summer or not. You can even add new incentives, which incorporate the power of both teamwork and competition to keep your company’s momentum going.

The subject of the summer mindset once came up with a CEO I was working with, and I asked him how he motivates his employees in the summer months.

“That’s when each department head makes the time to reassess their operations. Our schedules are a little less hectic, so they are given the task to come up with a new and more efficient way of improving their processes. This engages all employees in the department and actually gives them the platform to offer their opinions and ideas.”

2. Embrace time off

Your employees’ vacation actually improves productivity. By allowing and encouraging your workers to take time off, you are boosting morale in multiple ways. You are allowing the members of your team to spend time with their families and enjoy life outside the office, which will considerably reduce burnout. When they return to work, they are energized, refreshed, and have a new sense of attacking their jobs.

If you have any doubt as to whether or not vacation is actually a good thing, all you have to do is look at Europe. In some countries, like France, companies close up shop and employees must take the whole month of August off. To workaholic Americans, it may be hard to grasp this concept. Yet, believe it or not, it works. The workers in these countries enjoy their time off and return with a renewed morale, and their productivity generally increases – and there is no slow down in July.

3. Change the routine

This is a good time to change things up. Sure, it will keep your employees on their toes, but most importantly, it will help them look at their work with Fresh Eyes. It could be small things such as moving a weekly meeting to another day of the week. It could also be something more significant such as a new reporting system. However, do not change just for the sake of change. Now is a great time to put new ideas into play and refine your approach so you are all set for the day after Labor Day.

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