How To Encourage a “Work Smart” Mentality In The Office – Steve D Goldstein
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Thanks to technological innovations, the world is faster than ever with no signs of it slowing down. Email, team communication software, and smartphones not only streamlined our workflow but left little excuse for a slow response or delayed work output.

Is your business able to keep up? As an advisor, I’ve seen many leaders who think their team is going fast, but in reality, they are getting stuck in the mud. No leader should say “let’s slowly think about this.” Today’s world isn’t made for slow deliberation. In fact, we have all seen what happens when a business goes too slow or fails to adapt — it gets left in the dust.

How can a leader motivate their employees to work faster and be more productive? As an advisor, I’ve seen CEOs and leaders truly believe that their companies were going fast enough when in reality, they were suffering from dysfunction and inefficiency. No surprise, it all starts with action from the boss.

As Mary Kay Ash said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.” It’s the responsibility of a business leader to inspire his or her employees with their own speed and productivity.

These are the five ways leaders can motivate their employees into wanting to go faster and produce quality work:

Refine Deadlines

When you’re establishing deadlines, take a note from the mindset of a start-up entrepreneur. Corporate leaders typically measure time in months, quarters, and years, but start-ups don’t have that luxury. Instead, they have shorter deadlines such as hours, days, and weeks. Instead of one deadline for a major project in its entirety, make shorter, more concise, and attainable goals for your employees. They will be motivated to complete these small tasks and get things done at a much faster pace.

Strong Incentives

Positivity will produce results. Instead of hounding your employees to go faster, offer attractive incentives such as bonuses. This will create a strong motivation and proactive environment that will allow them to get the work done and as a result, benefit the whole team.

Modern Resources

How can you expect your team to get the job done without resources? Make sure they have everything they need, and it is readily available. If they need a new computer program to have faster and better quality results, consider purchasing it. If they need new smartphones, tablets, even a new office, consider investing. A well-equipped employee is a working employee.

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