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Just miles from the beach, Sears Executive, Steve Goldstein was shocked to find four snowblowers for sale in the Garden Center of their Miami store. Speaking with a salesman, he learned that this was not a one time mistake – they were being shipped to and returned from the same store for thirty years. This one story became a metaphor to Steve for the dysfunction in most companies, large and small.

Whether it's having snow blowers for sale in a place where it never snows, or a more pervasive issue–like having so many meetings scheduled there's no time left to actually solve problems–dysfunction within large organizations is so prevalent that most people accept it either as an inevitable fact of corporate life or they assume someone else will deal with it. But must it be this way? READ MORE>

The Five Principles of Engagement

Fresh Eyes

Learning to adopt an outsider’s perspective leads to creative insight and problem-solving.

Hot Buttons

Focusing on one or two pertinent metrics in any situation facilitates action.


Interacting with employees and customers on a regular basis is the key to success.


Whatever speed you are going is too slow.


The more people know, the better they can do their jobs.

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Unleashing Your Team: Engaging Your Employees

About the Author

Steve is a proven leader who has run, been a director of and advised numerous companies ranging from global Fortune 500 corporations (including as a Chairman and CEO of American Express Bank) to midsize companies and private equity portfolio companies.

His special talent lies in transforming employee and customer engagement, accelerating change and transformation, and realizing improved performance.

He currently serves as President of Engaged Leadership Advisors, Chairman of US Auto Sales, Senior Advisor to Alvarez & Marsal and Senior Advisor to Milestone Partners. Steve earned his BA from CCNY and MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business.



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"Book titles do not get a lot more arresting than "Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami?" But there is more to this pithy treatise on everybody’s favorite subject of engagement than that.. it is a straight-talking look at why big companies typically fall short with an introduction to some smart principles..”

-- Roger Trapp, Forbes

"The new principles of engagement, as well as the dysfunctions of the old, are well illustrated in a new book, "Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami?" by Steven D. Goldstein. He speaks from a wealth of personal experience in private equity, as well as top executive positions... [Steve] defined five key engagement principles which resonate with me as just as relevant for new business founders as mature business executives."

-- Marty Zwilling, The Huffington Post

“Straight-forward and transformative at the same time, Goldstein’s book offers brilliant new strategies to resolve even the most entrenched and complex problems. Following his wise advice will enable your workforce to be able to focus more closely on the business at hand—resulting in a nimble, forward-thinking, and successful organization!”

Winner of Thinkers50 Leadership Award 2015
New York Times best-selling author of
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers

“We live in an increasingly complex and changing world; yesterday’s formulas for attaining success simply no longer apply. Steve Goldstein’s Five Principles take us out of our comfortable routines—providing us with the courage to act anew and a straight-forward wisdom that will lead to meaningful rewards.”

Chairman Emeritus, Young & Rubicam

“Steve is one of those leaders who can operate equally well in large and small companies, from American Express to Silicon Valley start-ups. Not only is he equally adept at operating up and down the scale of businesses, he’s also great at both strategy AND implementation, a very rare combination. This book is the distillation of a long, successful, business career, and is a must read for any leader who understands that engagement is essential for successful results. Every leader will find that Steve’s Five Principles of Engagement break it down in a way that they can easily see what they need to do.”

Director of Idealab; Former Partner, Mayfield Fund;
Former Partner, Wilson Sonsini; Startup Sherpa

"Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami offers a treasure trove of leadership insight. Discover why you should question everything, break the meeting habit, and recognize that the best suggestions often don't come from inside the C-Suite but from the window washers on the other side of the glass. Steven Goldstein is a natural storyteller with a lifetime of experience and wisdom to boot."

PhD, author of The Best Place to Work:
The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace

''Having known and worked with Steve for more than 25 years, I have seen first-hand the powerful effects from applying the principles laid out in this book. Steve is a wonderful story teller with a gift for engagement with others and the challenges at hand. And, his stories are the best possible kind: funny and wise.''

Author, The Wisdom of Teams

''I loved Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami? from the first time I heard about it, especially since I often encounter dysfunctional companies. Steve's vast corporate and entrepreneurial experience serves the reader well by avoiding consultant jargon, buzzwords and complex theories and instead offers a straightforward, accessible and hands on approach to managing people, customers and business operations that everyone in business can relate to and learn from.  His often amusing and always instructive stories are a bonus! Enjoy!''

Growth strategist
Best-selling author of Relationship Economics

''Steve's book pulls you in right from the very beginning with a hilarious (but unfortunately not uncommon) story of corporate dysfunction. He then goes on to describe and illustrate five principles of engagement that will guide executives, middle managers and leaders of all stripes in successfully running their organization. Through engagement with their employees, customers and even themselves, leaders will find a goldmine of insightful and practical advice in this book.''

Management Consultant; INC Columnist;
Author of The Executive Checklist