Book Reviews

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"[Steve] speaks from a wealth of personal experience in private equity, as well as top executive positions... He defined five key engagement principles which resonate with me as just as relevant for new business founders as mature business executives."

-- Marty Zwilling, The Huffington Post

"[A] pithy treatise on everybody’s favorite subject of engagement... A straight-talking look at why big companies typically fall short with an introduction to some smart principles..”

-- Roger Trapp, Forbes

"The best part of Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami? is the concrete examples and straightforward advice that is focused on the mental “traps” that sabotage an organization’s performance.”

-- Charles Franklin, Small Business Trends

"I am already looking forward to re-reading it because there are so many great stories and useful tidbits to take away from it... the book offers valuable insights, real life examples, plausible solutions, and abundant encouragement."

-- El Biddulph, Being Fully Present

"Five Stars.. Goldstein describes a set of solid tactics that can be used to improve the performance of your business...Packed with wisdom and humor, this is a business book that will simultaneously educate and entertain."

-- Charles Ashbacher, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

"Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami?" is not about snowblowers but about engaging employees and cutting through the bureaucratic tangle that makes decision-making so difficult with some companies... Goldstein takes on some familiar topics in trying to bring engagement to the workplace."

-- Steve Tarter, Journal Star Reporter