How The Best Leaders Handle Failure

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Throughout my years of working alongside many companies’ leaders and employees, I’ve come to realize that the concept of failure is often looked at in a very non-constructive way. Perhaps it’s because many professionals automatically revert to the “blame game” and pick one employee or department as the sole cause of the particular problem or […]

How A Healthy Dose Of Humanity Makes Better Leaders

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How do you become a better, more engaged leader? How do you fix the problems in your company when the business seems stuck? Do you want to gain a new perspective into your own company? Then start having real conversations with your employees at all levels. Today. You’ve probably seen the popular television show “Undercover […]

Start A Meeting Revolution In 2017!

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Is there anyone out there who hopes there will be more meetings in 2017 than there were in 2016? I didn’t think so. While a new year should be exciting for your business, it might just mean another twelve months of relentless and mostly meaningless, unproductive meetings. If this sounds like your company, I’ve got […]